7-Day-Guide to Set your Christmas Affiliate Ad Campaign

Day 1: Analyzing

  • Adbeat — a great tool if you know which particular brand you want to monitor. Adbeat gives you access to all the advertiser’s ads, their performance data, ad channels, and many more;
  • Moat — allows you to input your competitor’s brand name, and it will generate you a selection of the ads they’ve recently posted.

Day 2: Budgeting

Day 3: Deciding on your traffic sources

Day 4: Building creatives

  • Snappa — tool that again resembles the previous two. Snappa has a free plan that allows 5 creative downloads per month. It also sustains dimensions for social media, display ads, emails, etc.

Day 5: Tracking

Day 6: Testing

Day 7: Optimization



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Polina Feti from RedTrack

Polina Feti from RedTrack


Creating insightful yet simple content on marketing analytics topics at RedTrack.io (a single tool you need to understand the performance of your marketing).